We are actively trying to create spaces for engagement that are not just zoom in the midst of the current COVID wave and increased health restrictions. Therefore, for the month of January we are providing activities that you can do to help provide some spiritual reflection, The Two Week Challenge.

The first is a year end reflection exercise. Set aside an hour to complete this exercise. For those that are interested, we will gather on Zoom from 8-9 pm on Jan 12 to debrief it. For those that cannot attend due to work, other commitments or zoom fatigue, we have an invitation for you. Write a poem, sketch a picture, share a prayer or even vlog about the exercise, then send it to us! For all those willing to participate, send me whatever you create by January 12 and then I will share it with the rest of the group. I know this may push some of you a bit but I am hoping it can help us stay somewhat connected in a season where it will be very easy to become isolated.

Here’s a link to the Year End Reflection exercise.

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