Right now, in Ottawa, it is fair to say that life is difficult. We are more than two weeks into lockdown and our health officials have not yet given us a lot of hope of it being lifted. Students of every age are navigating online schooling, and for some with many negative side effects. It can feel exhausting to try to hold out a vision of hope for others as so much continues to feel unknown.

Many people are experiencing great difficulty. Entire households are experiencing stress. Issues in marriages are coming to a head and parents of young children feel frazzled and stretched. Reports of domestic abuse and divorce are on the rise.

Further, many individuals are working overtime all from home. Employers are trying to keep up with the ever changing markets and demands of doing business primarily online. Yet, others are out of work.

Lastly, our long-term care homes continue to dominate our news cycle. There are heart breaking stories of neglect, suffering and deaths among our elderly population. 

It feels like many things have died. Some people’s hopes, dreams, pursuits or goals feel on hold indefinitely. For others, they mourn their business or job. There are some who’s grief is due to loneliness and a loss of social networks. Unfortunately an increasing population are mourning friends or relatives who have passed away in the last year. It proves difficult without the normal societal ways to grieve or celebrate those that we have lost.

Into this context, why would anyone start a new church? Especially when people cannot gather? Do we really need more churches right now when some churches are on the brink of closing their doors?

For answers to these questions and more join us for Bytown Community Church’s Vision Sunday. January 31 at 4 pm on Zoom. Hear how the belief that we are following a God who brings life to things that are dead gives us a hope to move forward. Email info@bytowncommunitychurch.ca for more info. We hope to see you there.

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