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Worship in the Park

Worship in the Park Join us this summer as we worship in the park. We will be meeting outdoors from June to Labour Day. Summer Sundays are relaxed but we will still have kids’ ministry and an informal service together (including the Lord’s Supper). Members of our community will take turns leading as we share about our favourite stories about Jesus and why they are significant today. When: 4 pm. Where: MacDonald Gardens park pavilion.

Retreat- No Sunday Worship at St Giles

Hi all, This Sunday, September 24, there is no Sunday worship at St Giles Presbyterian Church at 4 pm. Instead, Bytown Community Church is on their retreat at Waupoos Farms. For more information about our retreat, email

Neighbouring Workshop

Date: April 29th Time: From 9am - 3pm Food: Lunch, coffee and tea will be available. Pricing: Suggested donation of $15 per person, registration fee will be collected at the door. Venue: Gloucester Presbyterian Church How do the people of God develop tangible practices that help us love and build relationships where we live? Glenn Smith is a professor of urban theology and missiology. Together, Glenn and Sandy Smith have a long history of community development and missional presence through Christian Direction. They will begin with a time in Scripture that will launch us into a practical conversation on cultivating lifelong habits of being a good neighbour and a rooted presence in our neighbourhoods. This workshop will be heavily discussion based, participants are encouraged to invite friends and family from the communities they belong to as they will be invited to imagine what these practices would look like in our own unique contexts. Please bring your Bible, paper and writing utensils to take notes and brainstorm together. Reigster here:

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Worship in the Park

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Worship Services- Now In-Person!!!

Join us on Sundays at 4 pm at St Giles Presbyterian Church. We meet in the sanctuary. Please enter in through the First Ave doors. Kids’ ministry is offered. For more info email

A Vision of Restoration

Faithfulness to the Small Things

Join Us! Advent, Light Breaks Through.

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